Community Led Reconstruction Project (CLRP)

Community Led Reconstruction Project (CLRP)

Community Led Reconstruction Program (CLRP)


In response to the affect and impact of devastating earthquake and the strong aftershock (2015) Community Led Reconstruction Program (CLRP) launched in Kathmandu Valley in 5 different locations- Badikhel, Chapagaun, Thecho, Khokana and Panga. HomeNet Nepal (HNN) in partnership with Action Aid Nepal (AAN) is working since emergency by implementing rescue and relief program, after relief and rehabilitation program there were the need of reconstruction to adapt, build alternative and sustainable development to the emerging need of the affected people. The program has been implementing in the location articulating the Human Right Based Approach (HRBA) in people's perspective of reconstruction as defined. CLRP’s main motive is to develop the community themselves through participatory approach so, to implement the program AAN and HNN sub partnership with local level NGOs in Community Development Society (CDS) Nepal at Panga and Campaign for Sustainable Community Development (CSCD), Nepal at Khokana.


About Community Led Reconstruction Program (CLRP)

Community Led Reconstruction Program (CLRP)’s vision is people led and owned reconstruction process. CLRP aims to ensure the lives of disaster affected community people transformed positively and that their situation becomes even better than before the earthquake. So, CLRP is promoting innovative people's led and participatory approaches to reconstruct not only physical infrastructure but also the social, economic and psychosocial reconstruction. Valuing the safety, resilience and humanity, CLRP specially focusing to women and girls, poor and marginalized people in the location. It has been established and facilitating 7 Women Friendly Space (WFSs) for safety of women, girls and marginalized people from violence, trauma, harassment and other forms of abuse. CLRP is committed to support and empower local community leaders and groups, especially women, representing vulnerable groups to lead the post disaster reconstruction phase.


Non-negotiable principles for the community led reconstruction program

  • Community led process

  • Women leadership and their meaningful participation

  • Transparency and accountability

  • Critical engagement and coordination with government and non-government stakeholders

  • Communications with affected people


Outcome of CLRP


  1. By the end of the strategic plan, women and girls will enjoy greater levels of safety ,security and dignity than before the earthquake

  2. Vulnerable and excluded communities are empowered to claim and enjoy shelter rights for just and equitable recovery ,secure housing and micro-infrastructure

  3. Strengthening and mobilization of landless people’s agency to advocate on right to land for building safe houses and access to productive resources.

  4. To support women led environmentally friendly resilient ,sustainable livelihood recovery and growth for the most vulnerable affected households

  5. Gender friendly disaster resilient schools established